StriVectin SD Advanced



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  • Collagex-CE complex that targets Collagen I and Collagen III

  • Results in as little as 15 days

  • Also transforms the appearance of stretch marks

  • Daytime and nighttime cream


  • Like most anti-aging creams it needs to be used consistently for best results

Jose Worth

Surprise acne treatment!

Verified Purchase

Wow. Seriously. I was pretty concerned about spending this amount of money for lotion but I'm a believer. Not only has it helped my tummy stretch marks (used twice daily for three weeks so far) it totally cleared up my acne. I've suffered from bad acne since my early 20s (so about 15 years now). About four days after applying this it started fade. I apply once a day to my face (at night) and I've had NO breakouts since. Photo is not altered and I'm not wearing makeup!

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C. Arnold


Verified Purchase

Have been using Stri Vectin SD for 20 years and people always think I'm 10 years younger than my age. That's a successful skin cream!

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Five Stars

Verified Purchase

Been using this for a while - always get compliments on my skin

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Love it

Verified Purchase

I had breast surgery and bought this for fresh torn stretch marks I got. A month later they were gone. It lasted along time too. I bought it in march and I still have half a bottle left I use it every day on my face now.

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Nina J

Not much product

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I like the product but this is a very small amount of product. A lot of it stick to the insides of the tube. Have to cut the tube open and scoop it out!

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Pamela S.

This product does an excellent job of reducing the lines on my face - ...

Verified Purchase

This product does an excellent job of reducing the lines on my face - especially on my forehead and around the corners of my mouth.

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L. Barnes

Used it before and was pleased.

Verified Purchase

I used this product long ago and liked it. It takes a while of regular use to make a difference. So I don't expect immediate results.

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Mary Smith

Strivectin is a great product.

Verified Purchase

I have been using this for years and love it. My face feels smooth and i do not have a lot of wrinkles. I recommend it for dry skin and wrinkles.

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It Works

Verified Purchase

I've been using this StriVectin for years, and it works for me. Not all skincare works for all people. I have a lot of skin allergies, and this one has never bothered me.

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Mimi Rupp

This is worth it!

Verified Purchase

This product was first developed to combat stretch marks. Then, a beauty editor much smarter than I used it off-label. I have received no compensation or consideration for this review. It is a good idea to use a small amount on ta visage in the morning and before retiring for the night. If youthful skin is of interest, this is a great product for fine lines. BOTOX(R) is better, but hey . . .

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Smooths the surface of the skin leaving minor wrinkles hidden. Skin surface is soft and silky.

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Lynn Falcon

Awesome product, like a little mini facelift

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Love these for my stretch marks. I didn't think they would every actually fade since my preggo belly was massive, but 6 months postpartum and using this twice a day and I've seen a big improvement.

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Betty Lindstrom

Great Product

Verified Purchase

I'm 71 years old and unfortunately have spent a lot of time in the sun. I've been using this product for years and saw an immediate improvement in the small wrinkles around my mouth and chin once I started using it. I ran out once for over a month and saw those small wrinkles returning. I'll probably use Strivectin until I die or become to old to care!

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