BaeBody Retinol



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  • Fights fine lines and wrinkles as well as age spots and discolorations

  • 5% active retinol complex

  • Also reduces signs of acne scarring

  • Cruelty-free

  • 71% organic ingredients

  • Free from parabens and synthetic dyes and fragrances


  • Some skin types may experience tingling or irritation

Fran Behnke Peterson

Happy with results

Verified Purchase

I've only used this product a few days and I love it. Makes my face look and feel wonderful. I'm 73 years young and definitely see some positive effects. I'm satisfied with this product.

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Caroline A Mendez

I am a 55 year old white female, have...

Verified Purchase

I am a 55 year old white female, have tried everything ever created for anti-aging. My skin likes this, even tightened up my saggy jaw line. Not seeing much decrease in wrinkles, but it also is helping with crepey skin on my neck.

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Jaydean Childress

The best ever!

Verified Purchase

This is the best ever!!!!!!! No smell either. I will be reordering. I am 79 and I can see a difference after one week.

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This is a great facial moisturizer and I have seen results in 10...

Verified Purchase

Definitely improved my skin. I had slight peeling around my eyes, but then I exfoliated in the shower and it was gone. I can definitely tell that my skin is tightening up and pores are smaller. This is a great facial moisturizer and I have seen results in 10 days. After 3 or 4 days I could tell my face looked healthier and it definitely felt healthier.

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Surprisingly fantastic product!

Verified Purchase

This is the first time I have purchased a cosmetic product solely based on previous reviews. I have sensitive skin so have never tried a retinoid product before. I have nice enough skin but I’m 45 and have a few sun spots. I have been amazed at the change in my complexion. After a week of use 2x/day it looked brighter, more even in tone, almost younger. I have had no dryness, and have even started using it around my eyes with no dryness. Great product!

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Firms skin quick!

Verified Purchase

Firms skin quick! I saw a little shift in about a week and even more after 2 weeks. I take pretty good care of my skin and it was nice to see this added to make a difference. I do not use it daily now, because I need more moisture for winter and this has a tad of drying to it. So, it is in the rotation.

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Nourishing and hydrating cream

Verified Purchase

I ordered this moisturizer because I saw two empty containers in my neighbor's trash! I know this sounds crazy, but I figured that it had to be good if she ordered two of them. She's a really good looking woman who takes care of herself and she has a successful business. She can most likely afford expensive creams, but she uses this, so I thought I should give it a try. I absolutely love this cream! It makes my skin feel smooth, firm, and very hydrated. I love how it doesn't make my face burn or sting like other retinol products. It's great for both day and night, and also around my sensitive eye area. I used to spend more for face cream, but it really isn't necessary when I can get results with a reasonably priced product. I'm so glad I noticed the trash that day!

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Good moisturiser. Good value for the money.

Verified Purchase

I have been using this for about a year. Have this on my monthly subscribe & save delivey. I use this liberally in the cold month. 1 jar a month. During warmer months I don't use as much. Probably 1 jar every 2 months or so. I am a 49yo mother of 3. I have been told I don't look my age. Even my 8 yo daughter commented last night that my face looks the same as my picture when I was 22yo college student. At my age, I have used many different brands over the years. Some high end brand. Some cheaper store brands. This one is a winner. Though I also would to note here that I don't drink alcohol nor do I smoke. I do drink lots of water throughout the day. Hope this helps.

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I've been buying retinol from my dermatologist for a lot more

Verified Purchase

This retinol is excellent and priced well. I will no longer buy from my dermatologist who is charging more than three times what this costs. It's a great product and I noticed a difference after several days. It doesn't dry my skin as much but makes it smoother and doesn't make my skin red.

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Mad train

Excellent product! After using my Lancome products for several...

Verified Purchase

Excellent product! After using my Lancome products for several years I began to wonder what exectly was I paying for, and began to look for something different. I did not know what yo expect from much more affordable product and was pleasantly surprised at the difference I saw after using it just few times. My overall complexion improved and fine lines, I began seeing, were diminishing. I have also tried an eye gel from Baebody and loved it. Will definitely be purchasing both products again, and highly recommend them.

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Brandy W. Baker

VERY Pleased! I Got Results!

Verified Purchase

The first night I used it, I thought, “Well...if it does not get me results I need, it at least is not greasy, smells good, and makes my skin feel soft. I was a bit skeptical because I did not see a stated content percentage for the retinol. I have now been using this for ten days and this morning awoke and noticed the small “bumps” - either small non-painful cysts or milia - we’re GONE. I had them on my forehead and a cluster by my nose. I tried exfoliating, home peels, and steaming and they would not go away. They are gone! So, I got the result I wanted! And let me reiterate - this is not greasy. I have oily skin and had no problem using “Frownies” over the cream. And (even more miraculous) no new blemishes and no extreme dryness. If you have dry skin, you might try every other day first to see how it works for you.

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